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Colonos are hibernating, but shall one day return – perhaps – meanwhile we have come across a new blog just the other day, which is worth a look if you are interested in “Property, Commoning and the Politics of Free Software” and “philosophical and political inquiries into the material nature of the immaterial“. The essay featured in the blog has an interesting critique of the work of Yochai Benkler and Lawrence Lessig, as well as the politics of Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation, turning on the concept of property relations.


“… I thought we were an autonomous collective…”


The Hardy Heron is out and about: Ubuntu 8.04 torrent

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Get your latest and greatest Ubuntu from this torrent:

– or find your specific flavour and regional mirror here:

and check some reviews:

Happy hacking……..

Home Sweet Home: Reflections on the Amazon – Part One of ?

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Seeking refuge in Europe, to breathe and to reflect, the long, light evenings and the friendliness of the forest (that is the absence of the eternal threat of creatures out to get you) have besieged our imaginations.

The loved ones, the long-time friendships and the new friends are the medium of reflection – telling stories, observing reactions and thinking about it all at a distance ….we get high on our own anecdotal supply with a little help from our friends.

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Ubuntu – an environmentalist choice in Cyberspace.

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Cyberspace is like the rain forest – full of indigenous peoples. Tribes and groups, roaming about, creating spaces and exchanging ideas. Community.

Cyberspace and the software that makes it possible are like eco-systems, vast complex messinesses of interaction; and like the forests they threatened by hostile take-over. Companies like Micro$oft and ApplĀ£ (which is really just another word for Disney) are to cyberspace what the oil and mining companies are to the rain forest (and Iraq!); but let’s not worry about those dinosaurs anymore – let’s be positive and instead go grab the new Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04: – for most users this is the .torrent to get (if you’re on 64 bit or other platforms, you’ll probably know what to do):

Tune in to the world of Free Software – close the Windows! there is a storm front coming!

I leave you with this article called “Microsoft is Dead“…….

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