Meetings with Remarkable Trees: On A Smaller Scale

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Meetings with remarkable trees – even if not as extraordinary as Thomas Pakenham’s and even if these photos are not really very good – these trees, like most other (older) trees – are quite remarkable. When did you last hug your local tree?

Embracing the Future

Holding the Past

Face2Face with a Dragonfly: Photos from a rare encounter.

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I recently had the rare opportunity of coming face-to-face with a Dragonfly in the rain forest near Loreto in the Napo region of the Ecuadorian Amazon – this is what it looked like (click on pix to see a slightly bigger version or ask for originals, if you have a good idea for using them):

A Dragonfly on a wire

and coming up close to the bugger…

In your Dragonfly face!

The wing of a Dragonfly

—– great pattern, init?!?!?

The pattern of a Dragonfly wing

This is a link to a 1200x803px JPEG shot of the Dragonfly – cropped a bit and compressed with The GIMP:

Dragonfly 1200 x 803 pixels

and also an un-cut 1024×768 on MyShutterSpace: