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An Open Letter to Obama: On Danish Racism

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If you can see through fingers with the way in which one political party is singled out (when in fact the rest of the parliament and the country hide many racists as well) and the melodramatic, pathetically glorifying believe in and appeal to Obama bin Ltd., the representative of Goldman Sachs, – if you can distract your attention from that, then this video is a good introduction to the state of affairs in Denmark where things are most certainly rotten.

Danish: a language that in its native culture is infused with racism and homophobia, linguistically embedded in jokes, sayings and exclamations.

Duck Pond orchestrations, media distortions or simply coincidences?

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Colonos have just featured two posts (1/2) about Denmark and received this comment to the second one:

“Thank you for publishing this. After living in Denmark for the past few years, I finally had to just get out. This homogenous little nation, that boasts of itself as the happiest country in the world, is appallingly interculturally retarded. ignorance is bliss. With a 92% ethnic Danish majority, Danish citizens and politicians continually refer to their minority populations as an ‘insurgency’ that is undermining the Danish race. What’s happening there, and Norway, and Austria, and Italy, and a host of other European states, is truly scary. They think that no one is watching. Please continue to keep an eye on this issue.”

¿¿So where did we just come from??

——–Oh, yea, some anti-racist got what he deserved, so we, the corporate “news”-paper that is, better stick in a little something to keep the stupefied masses firmly embedded in “their” racist delusions, so what better than a little story about some evil muslims who arrange marriages and kill women in pride.

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Violent Racism in the Duck Pond: Danish Anti-Racist Viciously Attacked

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Colonos recently brought tidings from a little country in Scandinavia called Denmark, which is undergoing a cultural revolution orchestrated by a neo-liberal government in cahoots with the far right in a political climate that thus provide fertile grounds for extremism, such as racism and various fascist tendencies.

The Saga continues: what happened last night in the little Duck Pond is no surprise, really, and all the more sad for it. An anti-racist organiser was viciously attacked by the far-right extremists whose mushrooming is encouraged by a warmongering, anti-social state of affairs.

This is what “democracy” in Denmark looks like:

Then, and here comes the punch line, if you allow a little word play, the Danish equivalent-ish of the English Guardian, a filthy rag called Politiken writes:
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