Duck Pond orchestrations, media distortions or simply coincidences?

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Colonos have just featured two posts (1/2) about Denmark and received this comment to the second one:

“Thank you for publishing this. After living in Denmark for the past few years, I finally had to just get out. This homogenous little nation, that boasts of itself as the happiest country in the world, is appallingly interculturally retarded. ignorance is bliss. With a 92% ethnic Danish majority, Danish citizens and politicians continually refer to their minority populations as an ‘insurgency’ that is undermining the Danish race. What’s happening there, and Norway, and Austria, and Italy, and a host of other European states, is truly scary. They think that no one is watching. Please continue to keep an eye on this issue.”

¿¿So where did we just come from??

——–Oh, yea, some anti-racist got what he deserved, so we, the corporate “news”-paper that is, better stick in a little something to keep the stupefied masses firmly embedded in “their” racist delusions, so what better than a little story about some evil muslims who arrange marriages and kill women in pride.

The orchestration of the news – and I don’t mean _fabrication_, but simply a very careful delivery taking into account (the bottom line, really) the ways in which human emotions and the psyche operates – is astounding.

Goebbels is surely rolling with joy in his grave as the fascist/nazi project seems to progress just fine, better, in fact, with the refined mass media model and a self-policing, self-disciplining herd of sheep in the magic blue light from the cathode ray tube altar. Or, as in this case, the paper version.

No doubt about it, religion is a poisonous tool used by little factions of old men to rule the world and perhaps apart from the Buddhist persuasion this is a universal: Christians are no better than Muslims or anyone else. All old men in control – dominating the world, indeed a world domination disorder – and thus keeping the human soul and consciousness in a time of darkness, in an area of darkness spiritually, with their patriarchal jealousy and lust for destructive powers.

Let’s take a quick look at another story from the same paper, also from today.

It’s about a rape at a private party in a private flat in the loo. The police called the party something like a regular “binge drinking party” and little more information is provided, except that a cousin of the raped woman beat the fucking perpetrator to a bloody pulp with an iron bar and half ripped his ear off. Both arrested and charged with rape and assault respectively.

So no doubt these people were Christians, crusaders of manly will, since nothing is mentioned about their religious belonging – had they been muslims it would have been spelled out:

“MUSLIM rape woman and her family take the law into their own hands.”

But, no, just some drunken christians… (a story a bit like that was brought yesterday!!)

In fact, doing a search on “christians” (in Danish) on the site returns a lot of defensive, glorifying stories – Happy Crusading!


One thought on “Duck Pond orchestrations, media distortions or simply coincidences?

    Vivi Bech said:
    Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 04:52 (244)

    Thank you for this blog which points out what is the matter in Denmark where i live.

    One of the problems is the newspapers role in problems. For instance the Danish media Borsen (the newspaper-bible for all investors) yesterday blamed Obama for the fact that he is honest and says it will take time to get this financial mess solved:

    The headline in Borsen says:

    Obama close to destroy the party at Wall Street

    What Obama said is that there is no miracle-cure which can heal the financial problems in a day or two. Now Borsen blames Obama for destroying the nice party at Wall Street by telling the truth.

    Duck Pond orchestrations and media distortions is no coincidence 😉

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