The Medicinal Garden of the Royal Military Hospital in Goa: Timothy Walker’s Research

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Frederick Noronha features a very interesting interview about the (in situ) Medicinal (botanical) Garden of the Royal Military Hospital in Goa , which can be viewed here:

Visit FN’s blog entry for further info about the important and inspiring work of Timothy Walker..

USA Unlimited plans new prison in Afghanistan – good for business!

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More concrete detainment – kill and jail anyone who doesn’t agree with your sinister plan to bring sulphuric rain to Mother Earth (freely from Stephen Hawking):

U.S. plans new prison in Afghanistan
Sat May 17, 2008 8:53am IST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States intends to build a big new prison at its main military base in Afghanistan, a shift from earlier aims to transfer most detainees to Afghan custody, The New York Times reported.

A Pentagon spokesman confirmed the report in the Times’ Saturday edition of the planned 40-acre complex at the Bagram military base. “There are plans under way to do that,” Lt. Col. Mark Wright said.”

There is more, if you really want to know…

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