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Comprehensive Corridor Critique.

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Just came across a comprehensive article about the current globalisation from above projects to, finally, cut the Amazon into pieces for profit. It is a good, useful addition to the corridor critique in this blog, and here I merely want to “parrot it”:



Arteries for Global Trade Threaten Amazonia…

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Enclosure of Land and Ideas – the death of the people!

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Everywhere in the world people are dying. It has been characteristic of the capitalist revolution and the transition into the anti-social, market-only based mode of production that today control globalisation from above that people suffer tremendously. They suffer as land and ideas are enclosed to be brought under the private control of a self-interested, rational agent. The death of land and the death of ideas – the death of the people.

Yesterday a suicide note began circulating in cyberspace. Shri Govinda Zeetruji Junghare, an Indian farmer, had killed himself; no more seeds, only debts – no idea

His note concludes:

“I think over this crisis, lot of time and then decided, I should die instead of living.

Should I hang myself or take poison to die ?”

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Correa and Lula plot to cut down the forest and scoop out the rivers

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In yesterday’s el Comercio, as in the other major Ecuadorian papers, the headlines were Correa’s visit with Lula in Brasil, which culminated in the signing of fifteen economic convenios (agreements) ordered in three categories: (i) to widen the energy cooperation; (ii) widen the financial integration (in Latin American, one of Correa’s main points); and (iii) a commission that shall analyse the situation of a corridor from Manta to Manaus.

!these are not tree-huggers, but loggers!

The corridors – and the devastating effect it is likely to have on the environment and the culture and livelihoods of the people who live along the roads and rivers to be turned into commodity highways – has been a topic in previous entries and this entry shall serve only to reiterate where Mr. Correa is taking his neo-socialist movement: to the destruction of the forest while ignoring the land and culture of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon.. Read the rest of this entry »

Cultural Corridor Letter to the world!

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Hi World,

This letter was sent in an email to a conference organiser, but it looks like it could be read by anyone interested in these matters:

One of the projects that I am fiddling with here (on the side of my PhD) concerns a network of community-based botanical gardens in the Napo-Ucayali corridor.

As you might be aware, Correa, Lula and Chavez (for instance an oil pipeline to Argentina), as well as of course the Peruvian state, have great plans for “corredores inter-oceanicos” which will essentially, finally, cut the Amazon apart in order to bring cheap consumer goods, in the short term, to the Brasilian cities, and in the long term to all of the continent, of course, –and the last trees and oil and other natural resources back to China, so that they can produce the plastics to come here….

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