Threatening a Fascist: A Threat to Democracy? The Danish Saga Continues..

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In today’s Politiken we are told that several people have been arrested for threats against “Dansk Folkepartis formand, Pia Kjærsgaard“, that is the ring leader of the fascistic, ultra right-wing, Islamophobic and generally xenophobic and racist, socalled Danish People’s Party. The first article tells no more than that, but soon others were to follow.

It is now declared that the five people arrested are supposed to have a Somalian background and that threatening a hate speaker is a threat to democracy. “If you threaten an elected politician you threaten all the people who voted for them”, says an appeaser of the Conservative Party, while the Prime Minister, also in dire need of some popularity, calls the threats “totally unacceptable“.  (EDIT: It has now been stated that one of the Somalians is a “self-taught imam” another is a director of a bank, allegedly with connections to al-Hikmah, that in turn relates to a school in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, called Ibnu Baz Islamic Center, and that “some of the school’s youth are suspected of having joined Hisbul Islam og al-Shabaab“).

Although colonos are not in favour of threatening people, we are also not in any possible way surprised: When you threaten an entire religion and way of life, then you threaten – or at least insult – all of those people who identify with that religion and way of life. How difficult can it be to understand that? Moreover, the vice-president of the party’s youth organisation, a local council member, has just been excluded for violent threats against named Danish individuals who are said to collaborate with legal muslim activities, such as the building of a mosque. In this case, the party does not deem it relevant to report the threat to the police – “they leave such doing to others“?!?

Of course the fascists are used to threats (which is why hateful Pia K. has tight security) and her party curiously also reported this threat themselves, which the Police’s Intelligence Service (PET) is now investigating and which the police on Politiken.TV states cannot be confirmed by any evidence – upon which the suspects have been released. They party  received a tip about the threat – sent anonymously in an English language letter to the party itself, according to its media spokesperson, who also stated that the letter read that there was a price on Pia K’s head – 500.000 DKR, less than 60.000 English Pounds. The police will not comment on the on-going investigation, but “generally state” that they have no knowledge of a price on her head and they do not know whether the specific threat is real and they also make it clear that they found no evidence of anything related when dozens of them violently kicked the doors in and searched the five Somalians’ homes.

The suggestion is obvious – as is now counter-claimed by a spokesperson of Somalian organisations – it is a populist media stunt to gain further support for Dansk Folkeparti’s crusade. Meanwhile the leader herself, who is continuously and severely criticised for her dictatorial leadership style, total control and self-referential command, says that “she will not change“. We can thus easily imagine what kind of country, what kind of democracy it is that Pia K. and her fascistic friends and followers (some of whom claim to follow her in fear!) have in mind for Denmark and the world as such.

The obvious question, then, keeping in mind the debates about appeasing Hitler with which many will be familiar, the question is what kind of democracy it is that is threatened when you threaten a fascist dictator, such as Pia K., recalling that her own party members call her a dictator and knowing that she spouts anti-islamic hate speech all the time? Can you threaten democracy by threatening a threat to democracy?

While we do not endorse assassinations of politicians (which, incidentally, the entire political establishment seem to do, when it comes to poor countries with rich resources), nor do we endorse threats to their lives, or any other form of violence that springs from religious lunacy and self-righteousness, it is certainly obvious that someone like Pia K. has cast the first stone and actually is the one who constitutes a threat to society’s freedoms. Indeed, her speech acts – and those of the backwards, medieval crusading Christian priests in her party, are themselves of a religious and self-righteous kind that structurally inflict violence upon others. With her we have no sympathy – and in the Danish “children’s game” of politics (as the Prime Minister’s spin doctor recently called the circus of Danes that she on Facebook admits to despise) she really does deserve to be held accountable for her actions.

However, this is most likely an act of spin, once again, to throw petrol on the fire she herself has started. If Danish politicians had any decency – AT ALL – it is precisely in moments like this that they should distance themselves from Dansk Folkeparti and their dictator, rather than uncritically support her in the name of the democracy that she is in fact an enemy of. Yes, it is not a good thing to threaten people, but after all she asked for it and constitutes a threat to the country’s freedom. Finally, how come you never hear anything about threats to left-wing politicians?


12 thoughts on “Threatening a Fascist: A Threat to Democracy? The Danish Saga Continues..

    Anders said:
    Friday, February 19, 2010 at 15:52 (703)

    Comment got killed by refresh, but no matter – if the readers of this blog are as zealous and purposely ignorant as the blogger himself, there is no idea in reasoning with them, as there is no rational arguing with fanatics. Take it from a left-wing Dane that has argued with the bottom part of the Danish People’s Party since it originated 15 years ago.

    Congratulations, by filling the public with your nonsense, you have concluded why democracy isn’t perfect – we have to listen to this hate-inciting ignorant speech that would make the Knights Templar proud, oh, crusader of “true democracy” that you are. A word of advice: If you want to become even better at this stuff (your “arguments and comparisons” are so shallow that apart from appealing to rednecks they are not very convincing) take learning from religious zealous groups – you know, like the ones that aren’t really threatening democracy if they just threaten the right people with violence. Leftwing or rightwing aside.

    If the world wasn’t still having a foot in its pre-modern origin, partially because of the large amount of it which is still caught in this, you would have had a firm seat at the webpage I set as my website.

    In hoping you’d consider stopping the flow of nonsense undermining democracy and thus supporting oligarchic governments like Plato’s, Kungfutse’s and classical Sparta’s
    Anders, the irritated Dane

      colono responded:
      Friday, February 19, 2010 at 16:14 (718)

      You have clearly missed the point – and as a self-confessed left-wing it is not surprising – it is democracy that is the problem, but of course that has been obscured by parliamentary socialists and well-adjusted “left-wingers” whose imaginations have been colonised by the very object of their purported counter-points.

      I recommend that you inform yourself about what lies beyond your little duck-pond fantasies of Democracy and stop spreading these misleading ideas of democracy being the end-all of social organisation. You have so clearly exhibited your ignorance of anything outside of the establishment’s political (and pathetically limited) political spectrum – your received wisdom, especially in its claim to superior knowledge, serves as nothing else than an apologia for the the status quo and a justification for capital interests. What lows the left-wing has sunk to in the last 100 years. Ignorant people like you and the ever right moving Socialistisk Folkeparti are nothing other than a contribution to the downfall of real alternatives.

      If it wasn’t so depressingly sad, your pocket-philosophical progessivist nonsense would just make me laugh.

      colono responded:
      Friday, February 19, 2010 at 16:22 (724)

      Oh, by the way, it looks like your ports 25 (SMTP), 80 (HTTP) and 110 (POP3) are responding as open to a port scan…..

      colono responded:
      Friday, February 19, 2010 at 16:41 (737)

      Here is some light introductory, empirical reading for you (and others ignorant of modern “democracy” and its origins):
      A Brief History of the State of Exception
      by Giorgio Agamben – An excerpt from State of Exception

      Perhaps try also Walter Benjamin’s “Zur Kritik der Gewalt”, Derrida’s reflection on the text in “The Force of Law, the “Mystical Foundation of Authority”” and parts of Sorel’s The Illusions of Progress, Deleuze’s postscript to Societies of Control – you know, just some of the basic, critical political philosophy with respect to “democracy” to determine whether your political imagination has survived the on-slaught of reactionary left-wing propaganda.

        colono responded:
        Friday, February 19, 2010 at 17:43 (780)

        I realise that these texts might not be so easily accessible for the non-expert reader and I don’t really like that sort of writing too much myself, since they use a lot of long sentences and concepts that derive from in-depth debates that are often difficult to decipher, but a little bit of effort goes a log way to dispense with ignorance.

        However, this newspaper article might be a useful starting point to getting outside of the democracy box:

        ———- and here is a little taste from the preface (lifted from ):

        …I argue that the [Southeast Asian] hill peoples are best understood as runaway, fugitive, maroon communities who have, over the course of two millennia, been fleeing the oppressions of state-making projects in the valleys — slavery, conscription taxes, corvée labor, epidemics, and warfare. Most of the areas in which they reside may be aptly called shatter zones or zones of refuge.

        Virtually everything about these people’s livelihoods, social organizations, ideologies, and (more controversially) even their largely oral cultures, can be read as strategic positionings designed to keep the state at arm’s length. Their physical dispersion in rugged terrain, their mobility, their cropping practices, their kinship structure, their pliable ethnic identities, and their devotion to prophetic, millenarian leaders effectively serve to avoid incorporations into states and to prevent states from springing up among them. The particular state that most of them have been evading has been the precocious Han-Chinese state.


      colono responded:
      Friday, February 19, 2010 at 17:04 (752)

      Now that I have taken a look at the website you recommend I notice that it is a eugenics oriented website – and I understand even better your train of thought: you are essentially something of a left-wing fascist, which also explains 15 years of discussing with DF nazis – either you were already damaged and limited of mind when you began or it happened in the process: You are what you eat.

      Moreover, given that the website you recommend celebrates the deaths of people, I can only imagine that you are actually threatening me in some sort of roundabout way, by wishing me dead in order to clean up your rationalistic, superior gene pool. In that case, I herewith publish your email address and IP address (which seems to have several open ports), in case some script kiddies are looking for potential targets:

      Anders (IP: ,

      colono responded:
      Friday, February 19, 2010 at 17:12 (758)

      No idea in “reasoning” with them?


      You know, reason is about discovering horizons and exploring the possible beyond the known. Your reasoning seems content with the given (given by an elite you don’t even have access to, judging from your educational level and vocabulary) and the known, the limiting and the familiar and pure and understandable. In fact, you are the medieval tosser here, desperately clinging to the past.

    babsindk said:
    Friday, February 19, 2010 at 16:42 (738)

    Platøs, Kungfutsey, Spartey? Looks like someone has has swallowed a lot.

      colono responded:
      Friday, February 19, 2010 at 16:53 (745)

      “Someone” has been reading very old texts and not understood much of context, development and the possibilities of political philosophy, but instead maintains some White, Western, Christianised perspective on “democracy” as the full scope of politics, thus, essentially adding to the usual superiority of those parties that he pretends to oppose, but obviously supports in that he consolidates the minimal spectrum of thought that they co-inhabit, and, therefore, being nothing other than more, “mere” racism in denial of a million other ways of political philosophy and praxis of social organisation. Neo-colonialism of mind, body and land – just like he himself has been colonised by reactionary, parliamentary leftism.

      Yet another testimony to the general White, Western disregard for the rest of the world, and yet another testimony to its particular Danish variation in which people with limited information and a provincial mindset, presents itself as cosmopolitan, all-knowing, but with reference to nothing other than its own context – in this case, the Danish Parliament and the political spectrum that it represents. A still-stand, a death sentence to the imagination, and at the end of the day contributing to the downfall of the good things in European culture, replaced by arms, control and repression that make might right.

    babsindk said:
    Friday, February 19, 2010 at 16:43 (738)

    O and I forgot to say: I LOVE DEMOCRACY! It’s grate!

    David Mettstein said:
    Monday, February 22, 2010 at 14:40 (653)

    NOTE: Another misunderstanding and more islamophobic rhetoric (and very poor language skills):

    Author : David Mettstein (IP: , is responding on port 1723 (pptp).
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Whois :

    hahahah look a all you muslim-loving-cunt´s, leftwing facism is blooming in europe, the muslims and the left-wing (used to love communism but now islam) are using violence threats and the famous “racist” sticker, jews are moving out of europe, not because of nazi´s but because of muslim cunt´s and leftwing dhimmies

    if denmark is so bad why do the muzzie cunts keep comming??

      colono responded:
      Monday, February 22, 2010 at 15:03 (668)

      Why do “they” keep coming? Perhaps you will find an answer if you read a little bit about global trade patterns, economic exploitation, neoliberalisation, displacement of peoples in times of war (war in the search for resources) and so on.

      However, you should probably better first read about closing your port 1723, in case your machine is vulnerable, before some upset Middle Eastern script kiddies find out that it is open!

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