Hypocricy and TV: Günter Grass on Marcel Reich-Ranicki’s escapade

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A recent event in German live-TV where former TV star, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, condemns the industry, the celebrity-indistrial complex, that made him and rich and famous, is amusing  (if you understand German):

The old geezer basically says that he can’t accept the prize he is being awarded and had there been money involved he would have given it back. After a few insults the host jumps in…

However, it gets even more funny when Günter Grass puts him in his place:

Grass reckons that Marcel Reich-Ranicki has been instrumental in making German TV what it is today by lowering the tone, trivialising literature as it were, and running a one-man-show with stooges to pick down for many years. This point has been missed by most. So, no news there, the celebrity-industrial complex keeps unfolding all the way to the bottom line.


One thought on “Hypocricy and TV: Günter Grass on Marcel Reich-Ranicki’s escapade

    philgeland said:
    Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 00:48 (075)

    To be honest: If I had to choose between the “complete works” of Mr. Grass or Mr. Ranicki, the choice wouldn’be difficult at all. Sorry, Günther, but some of your interviews deserve more attention than your books. (Not the one above but that’s another issue …)

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