One Not To Miss: Jörg Haider, May He At Least Rest In Peace

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While we’re at it – dodgy politicians that is – then it seems appropriate to bring an obituary, finally the end of Jörg Haider’s (pseudo-)neonazism.

The successor to the Austrian rightwing populist Jörg Haider, Stefan Petzner, has shocked the staunchly conservative country by revealing in a tearful interview that they shared a “special relationship”. Petzner said: “We had a relationship that went far beyond friendship. Jörg and I were connected by something really special. He was the man of my life.”

The news stunned Austria, which has been coming to terms with the death of the anti-immigrant politician. Haider, who voted against a parliamentary motion to lower the age of consent for homosexuals, had presented himself as a family man who drank sparingly. But after the car crash it was revealed that he had been driving at twice the speed limit, his blood alcohol level had been four times the legal limit, and he had spent his final hours in a gay bar in Klagenfurt, the capital of the southern state where he was governor. There has been further speculation that the crash happened after Haider and Petzner argued at a party.

Petzner said that Claudia, Haider’s wife of 32 years and the mother of his two daughters, had not objected to their relationship.But in an interview published in an Austrian women’s magazine, Petzner’s sister Christiane seemed to suggest otherwise. “Claudia was sometimes jealous of him because he spent more time with her husband than she did,” she said.

Or is it really the end of his legacy, or does it only just begin? Someone of the same awful nazi persuasion writes in a comment to a video of Haider in a disco on YouTube:

“Jorg Haider stood up to the Zionists so they eliminated him. I would bet that millions of people around the world have never heard of Jorg Haider but they have now and the Jews have brought attention to themselves and their disgusting behavior. Everyday they are losing support and we are gaining support. Don’t let Haider die in vain, pick up where he left off.”

This idea is also proposed in this video.

So did his lovers’ quarrel produce a martyr for a bunch of degenerate whites with few prospects? What is really happening on the far right of politics? Who is with who?

Maybe Haider was simply a renegade populist – a loose canon. An idiot in the true sense of the word, but there is no doubt that Haider wasn’t a very popular guy in the ranks of the bankers and wankers, who currently struggle to keep hold of world power – these were some of his last words (and you just don’t say that kind of thing on TV):

This video was aired on 25. Sept. 2008. Shortly before the Rightist groups surged to a combined 30% of the vote in parliamentary elections last month, with Haider’s smaller Alliance for Austria’s Future tripling its support to about 12%. 16 days before he crashed his Phaeton and died.”


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