Correan corridor contradictions: speaking with two tongues.

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See the entry below for further information about the Manta-Manaus corridor – which is not exactly the kind of project that one would consider commensurable with the “values” of the environment expressed in Correa’s favourite pet environmental project:

A key part of this initiative is to avoid oil extraction activities in Yasuni National Park, home to at least two indigenous tribes that live in voluntary isolation and one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Ecuador proposes to leave the nearly one billion barrel ITT oilfield unexploited in order to preserve Yasuni’s astounding biodiversity, ecosystem services, and the cultural integrity of its indigenous inhabitants.

Correa’s and Lula’s future corridor – or commodity highway – planned to criss-cross the Andes and the Amazon to bring plastics one way and natural resources the other includes the River Napo, which flows right past Yasuni, as an hidrovia or waterway (that is, more or less: river + concrete = stable route). Hardly what you’d call preserving “the cultural integrity of its indigenous inhabitants” if you destroy their river upon which they in great part depend.


2 thoughts on “Correan corridor contradictions: speaking with two tongues.

    Dom said:
    Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 13:24 (600)

    Absolutely Astounding and Tragic. Somewhat predictably so…

    Keep up your work all those involved in conservation, eco tourism, volunteering and other alternative developments and work. Those that can are helping fight the continual battle for protection and education from outside dangers, in order to provide some future for these delicate and immesurably valuable climates, cultures and indigenous peoples.

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