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G8 Protests: More and more police assaults are made public

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14th June 2007
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In the days after the G8 protests more and more details of police assaults on demonstrators are being made public. As victims describe their experiences on internet portals, it is becoming apparent that police massively assaulted, insulted, beat and abused people…..

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The pre-G8 perspective: time for reflections.

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This is a time for reflection – the actions are over and they were in many ways a great success. Now we have to look back upon what happened, and why not start from the beginning, from before the G8?


Moving against the G8“, an article featured in the June edition of the Red Pepper magazine and written around a month before the G8 Summit, offers a bit of background to the 2007 G8 mobilisation and the conditions on which it could perhaps be judged a success — all of which were fulfilled or exceeded last week. Another good way of getting a bit more background information for the reflective time to come is the Wikipedia entry for “Strategy of Tension”, because the media distortions do not stop when the summit ends – they are only just about to begin. See also an illuminating interview with Daniele Ganser and download -and read- his book to be prepared for the aftermath of the G8:

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Brief summary of G8 police brutality: business as usual!

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Here is a very brief summary -in pictures, videos and a few words- of the G8 events of late, beriddled as they have been by police brutality [videos below], agent provocateurs[1] (which in any decent journalism would have entirely overshadowed a few radicalised, state repressed groups’ retaliation for the violence commenced by the authorities) and the completely distorted “journalism” by the corporate press:

“ORDNUNG MUSS SEIN – “Merkelst” dir dass!”

The Art of Policing and Protesting…..

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Capitalism, anti-capitalism and “his plastic excuse”.

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Another comment has been received – this time from Dave on Fire. Thanks! 🙂

Dave suggests that although..

Correa’s movement is undoubtedly a Eurocentric, middle class consumerist affair, and may not do much to improve the lot of the indigenous peoples or their environment, I’m still cautiously optimistic that his election represents a very important and positive step.”

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