Enclosure of Land and Ideas – the death of the people!

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Everywhere in the world people are dying. It has been characteristic of the capitalist revolution and the transition into the anti-social, market-only based mode of production that today control globalisation from above that people suffer tremendously. They suffer as land and ideas are enclosed to be brought under the private control of a self-interested, rational agent. The death of land and the death of ideas – the death of the people.

Yesterday a suicide note began circulating in cyberspace. Shri Govinda Zeetruji Junghare, an Indian farmer, had killed himself; no more seeds, only debts – no idea

His note concludes:

“I think over this crisis, lot of time and then decided, I should die instead of living.

Should I hang myself or take poison to die ?”

…. and he continues:

“Money Leander REKHA NAMDEO NIKHADE’S debt RS. 5000/- has a quarrel with me and manager of money Lender Nurru Seth is always coming to my house, asking for RS.4000/- to pay back. This has made me mad.No banker has given me the loan.

I have my wife, two son, and marriageable daughter, and how to do daughter’s marriage.

I have no money at home, one son is critically ill and suffering from T.B.

Nobody, including police and politicians, should trouble my family, hence I have written this letter in detail.

Yours faithfully,
Shri Govinda Zeetruji Junghare
Vidarbha, Maharashtra – ( Home State of Indian Cricket Minister )”

Thus ends his note to the world – and with it his life.

Enclosure of land and ideas continue to destroy lives every day. They call it capitalism. They call it freedom or democracy, sometimes even “Freedom and Democracy” bundled as a TV-dinner that gives “peace” of mind for 2.34 hours daily (if you can watch it).

The only way“, says the Christian preacher, who always seems to appear wherever capitalism appears – or is it the other way ’round? A force, a law of nature even, says the economist. Hand in hand all of the big religions, from economism (whether neo-socialist or neo-conservative) to Islam, rule the world according to scripture and everyone lives with the questionable benefits and goods of whatever “system of necessary evil” that is in place to provide “improvement” of the life of the human being.

A lot of unravelling to be done, there is, with regards to our understanding of the enclosure of land, because it begins and ends with the enclosure of ideas: the winner writes (or rights) history to fit the circumstances.

Let us move to other end of the struggle for land and ideas, namely the educated, Euro-American intellectual – a good place to begin (from an interview by Zoe Blunt with Derrick Jensen):

“I think that one of the reasons is we identify more closely with being civilized beings than we do with being animals who need habitat. Another way to talk about that is if your experience is that your food comes from the grocery store and your water comes from the tap, you’ll defend to the death the system that brings those to you because your life depends on it. If, on the other hand, your food comes from a landbase and your water comes from a river, then you’ll defend to the death that landbase and that river, because your life depends on them.

Like any good abusive system, this system has made us dependent upon it. And another important thing about the whole question of abuse is that one of the things that happens within any abusive dynamic, and that’s true whether we’re talking about an abusive family or an abusive culture, is that everything – and I mean everything – in this dynamic is set up to protect the abuser. And so every member of an abusive family comes to identify more closely with the abuser’s feelings than they do their own.

If you look at all the “solutions” proposed for global warming – anywhere, all of them – what do they take as a given? They take as a given industrial capitalism. That’s the baseline. The baseline is not the real world, the physical world, which must be the baseline for all of our decisions because without a world, we don’t have anything.”

For those who wants to read about social history, anti-capitalism, that another world is possible, and so on, there is a beginning reading list here: http://knowledgelab.org.uk/wiki/Anti-Capitalism_101

Let us first take back the ideas, then the power and the land that life depends upon!


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