Bienvenidos a Ecuador: a permanent state of exception

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Finally back home in Ecuador after 8-9000 km´s journey over land, with buses, shared cars and one train (from Cusco to Puno), we were met with the familiar set of circumstances: the permanent state of exception that sets Ecuador apart from Peru and Bolivia – and many other countries. After crossing the border in Southern Ecuador, coming from Tumbes in Peru, we were subjected to 5 (five!) full-on check points over the course of 4-5 hours – everyone out of the bus, bags searched by arrogant, macho, shades-wearing uniforms (are there humans behind those facades?).

“There are many peruanos”, said one policeman at the fourth or fifth check point, as I had asked him what the score was, told him questioningly that this was the fourth or fifth time today that we all had to get out of the bus – “Oh..”, he smiled and that was that: welcome to Ecuador, where the authorities are tough all over.

The next day we were in Quito – and get “involved” in a little fight with the police at Plaza Grande. A woman had been doing her usual business, namely selling things to people – but she had no license to do so and was consequently mistreated by the police. A fairly well-clad man came to her “rescue” – well, he offered her support and soon one thing led to another and the pepper spray (and/or tear gas) were in use. Right in the face – it was another 10-15 minutes before he could speak or see anything and the scuffle continued all along, now involving more citizens than police, who then slowly withdrew from the scene of their own crime.

In other words, everything is back to normal!

Left so say is only that Mr. Correa has a lot of reform to perform with regards to the military and the police force, a task that befalls the replacement of Guadalupe Larriva (who was killed due to “human errors“), Lorena Escudero. (At some other point I shall return to another serious illness in not only Ecuador and in the Amazon, not only in Latin America, but in the entire world: the cancer of X-tianity)


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