Flippn’ Fotos: 2

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Been testing jUploadr, which is a convenient tool that allows for drag-n-drop and automagic resizing of photos. It has an authentication method that takes place via your browser so that it simply connects to your photo album and adds your new stuff. jUploadr also works with Zooomr, which is the new hot thing, coded by a teenager and modelled in great part on Flickr. We tested Zooomr with jUploadr, which has some clear advantages over Flickr, such as a much bigger upload allowance if you blog. However, the “graphical user interface” (GUI) of Flickr appears a bit more simple, easy for your mother to navigate, as it were, and the slide show function is quite neat without being tacky.

Zooomr looks promising and Yahoo! has bought Flickr, so why stay with Flickr? Well, it was basically the way that the slideshow works and the simplicity of the GUI (which might well be a very subjective issue) – but one final point worth mentioning may be that, yes, Flickr is owned by Yahoo! and so be it, Zooomr, on the other hand, is still young, fresh, hip and in Beta, but that really means that anything could happen: Rupert Murdoch might buy it tomorrow. I do not wish to engage further with the Flickr/Zooomr politics, have to get on with my life and upload some photos that my mum on the other side of the planet can easily look at.

With regards to jUploadr, still have to file a bug: it cannot upload more than one photo at a time, if you drag-n-drop several and choose upload it just stalls….  And ohh, we are fasting before our Yule Ayahuasca ritual tonight, so no dead birds or feast: we will be here tonight:


One thought on “Flippn’ Fotos: 2

    colono responded:
    Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 03:27 (185)

    Is it turns out, not all the photos that we might need for the blog are photos that we necessarily want to have in the “public slideshow”. Yes, I know, then you can create sets, but pheeww – too much to do. So we use the Zooomr account we use as a “raw storage” – with its massive allowance of 4Gb per month it is more than any one could ever ask for 🙂

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