Supreme method of being

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The sloth is a fascinating creature, sweet as can be, determined as you like, and agile to such extent that its slow, lard-arse moves stick to the back of your imagination, stored in your memory as an ode to graciousness in slow-motion. No special effects needed – these are outerworldly creatures, or perhaps our patterns of perception are aligned within such a narrowed down spectrum that encountering the unknown in nature is always a surprise. That is perhaps the best thing that there is to say about the Great, Western, Liberal (capitalist) mindset: even the most mundane might appear fantastic, if we could only see.

Imagine if everything was ordinary – ohh, seen that before, once had a T-Shirt…but likewise, imagine if all was marvel and remained like that, oh no, that won’t work, what goes up must come down. Can’t have your cake and..

Well, then, let us just imagine it plain normal to find pleasure in little things, to perform senseless acts of beauty and random acts of kindness, as it were, – here’s to all the sloths in the world for taking it god damn easy, Why Work?

This is our local friend, Bebe. She (there appears to be no penis) gets bottle-fed and hangs out in a rented house with two primates, a crippled bunny, two adolescent monkeys, a dog onto whose back the one monkey clings most of the day – just living a dog’s life in the garden, where the cat tries to balance the life of birds and bees.

Movie of Bebe being bottle-fed (Quicktime, 7.6MB)

Profile of Bebe (226.6KB)

Bebe’s foot (67.8KB)

Bebe right on (235.1KB)

Bebe’s hand (117.7kb)


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