Settling in, loggin on and coming up for air.

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Why is it that I always wake up early in Quito – notwithstanding being exhausted, drunk all night long or otherwise in need of sleep? Is it the altitude, is it excitement, -the latter has never kept me from sleeping long in exotic parts of the world, and it is not hot like in the tropics (in the past I have failed to sleep for more than a few hours at a time for days on end in places like Bangkok, that is no mystery). It is a phenomenon the experience of which I share with Colona, perhaps we will never know why.

In any case, it is between seven and eight when I first wake up, around noon would have been more like it – and a quarter to nine when I switch on the TV, we watch “El Club de la Mañana“, a local variety of the universal morning television show, Tele Cuenca, some soap, some news and slowly begin our first day, which takes us via two of the ever present juice bars for carrot juice, jugo de zanahoria, to a nice salad and a hot drink in celebration of the dead (Halloween) called Colada Morada on this Dia de los Difuntos, and finally to the Old Town branch of on Plaza Grande where we enter cyberspatial dimensions and slowly begin to breathe more normally in front of a copy of van Gogh’s “Cafe Terrace at Night” making us feel at home (here’s to you vintage dudes in Lagorce). Three blog entries later it is time to get out of here, no more pop music pumping in our faces, no more computer screen – a new, fresh hunger announces itself and only time can tell where our impulses will take us today. We leave the But for any readers out there: it will surely become more, dare I say enlightening, than some anecdotal references to poor (or good) hostelling.


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